So, this recipe calls for some cooking……

Yesterday, after nearly a week of eating nothing but fruit snacks, cheese, and the occasional banana, I found myself in a slump.  I’d slept for over fourteen hours, woken up, and was still tired.  I sat on the couch and stared blankly at the television with my mouth hanging slightly open, a little drip of drool slowly making its way down my chin.  I blinked once every three hours.  My heart-rate slowed to 15bpm.  I could feel my brain melting and my muscles turning to goop…

Okay, so it wasn’t nearly as bad as all that.  I’m still alive, after all, and I don’t drool that often.  Anyway, after about a week of undernourishing myself and lying around feeling pretty crappy, I decided it was time to get off my butt and see how cooking could improve my life.  Those of you who know me know how miraculous this is.  For those who don’t, let me explain.  I eat raw pasta because I’m too lazy to wait for the water to finish coming to a boil.  When frying dough for a special meal, I somehow got hot oil in my eye.  I was once told that I was terrible at chopping tofu.  Somebody put me in charge of making sauce one fateful cooking shift in the co-op, and despite my best efforts, the head cook  still tasted it and let loose a few choice expletives.

I’m not exaggerating here.  If I were exaggerating, I’d probably say something like: One time, a head cook left me in charge of a pot of beans and somehow I managed to set them on fire and then almost tried to put out the (small) fire with an oiled rag.

Oh, wait…that happened too.

So, you get it.  I’m a kitchen’s worst nightmare, the bane of aprons everywhere.  I am getting better, though.  A semester cooking for myself in Ireland taught me how to make a passable curried lentil dish, pancakes, fajitas, mashed potatoes, and mac & cheese with asparagus.  My mac & cheese skills have increased ten-fold since that semester, and I am happy to add quesadillas to that honourable list of VIFs (very important foods–see what I did there?).  I’ve heard that cooking at home saves money and lets you play with the health-value of the foods (increasing or decreasing it as you see fit).  As a soon-to-be broke girl with some body image issues, I decided to give it a try and tackle one of my favorite restaurant cravings.  Chipotle.

just so you can imagine the bliss of moving a heaping spoonful of yum to your mouth…

There’s a lot of parts to this clusterfrump of flavors and textures, so I won’t take up space with all the directions.  They weren’t my recipes either, so I’d feel kind of cheap pretending like they were.  Instead, I’m going to provide you with links to the recipes I used:

Corn salsa

In every case, since I have the taste buds of a new born sheep, I substituted my mom’s mild garden chiles for the jalepenos.  For the rice, I’d recommend using slightly less lime, because it’s pretty strong.  It depends on your own taste, though.  For the corn, I used one ear (instead of frozen junk–I live in Ohio, okay?  It’s practically a misdemeanor to not use local sweet corn) and it seemed to work pretty well.  I used about 2/3-1 cup of beans that I just heated in a saucepan before adding to the rest of it.  Less heat meant that I could cut out the sour cream and extra cheese and just enjoy a healthy meal!

This is after I started off the day making banana pancakes with raspberries and blueberries on the top instead of massive amounts of butter and syrup.  That’s it, guys.  I don’t care how bleak the future looks.  Good food makes you feel good, and I feel good about today.  🙂

vegan, gluten-free, delicious


One thought on “So, this recipe calls for some cooking……

  1. Hooray for good food! That sounds delicious! I’ve been sitting around at home being a bum because I just got my wisdom teeth out, but I have refused to give up good food even though I can’t eat anything hard or crunchy – last night I made some wicked mac & cheese with chopped tomato mixed in, and I’ve been going all out on smoothies and milkshakes. Oh, and I’m planning on making chocolate mousse today! I’m very excited for that, I’ve never done it before – wish you could be here, but I’ll see you soon!!!


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