life, plus cat

most of you know that i took in a little cat two months ago. he had been left in the woods during (at that point) the coldest days of autumn, and he didn’t even have claws on his feet to help catch a live meal. i was having one of the worst months of my life, and so my impulse control was arguably quite weak when my co-worker went outside, caught him, and brought him inside to cheer me up.

a proud introvert, i found myself adopting an extroverted kitty against my better judgment. the shards of ice that encapsulate my post-adolescent heart began to melt away, rather inconveniently, until (in a matter of a few short hours) i was completely and utterly in love.

below are some vignettes illustrating how my life has changed since taking in this nameless, cuddly ball of fur. it hasn’t all been easy, but one look at that face (and i’ve provided plenty) should tell you i wouldn’t trade it for the world.

eating dinner: i’ll just set this down to cool while i queue up the next episode on netflix and get a glass of water.
eating dinner, plus cat: i’ll just set this down to–oh my god! stop! don’t you dare! hey! hey! i’m watching you…hey!


typing emails: dear best friend, i hope you’re well. your travel pictures on facebook look amazing. you are the coolest. let’s get together soon. love, jen.
typing emails, plus cat: dear best friend, i hope you’re htaou paur98 329q[aopd hiuirapta89eapufpdldgapwt ao jgjh$&(Q*9-&*(!(&_                               ;


reading a book: “i glanced seaward–and distinguished nothing except a single green light, minute and far away, that might have been the end of a dock. when i looked once more for gatsby he had vanished, and i was alone again in the unquiet darkness”
reading a book, plus cat: “i glanced seaward–and distinguished no–” BUTT.


leaving for work: *closes door*
leaving for work, plus cat: bye, my sweet prince. oh, yes, i’ll miss you, too. don’t worry, mr. snugglemuffins, i’ll be home soon. i put food in your bowl and refilled your water. oh, you are just perfect. how can i leave that adorable face of yours? okay, one more pat. one more. one…one more. one more. okay, last one. just kidding, one more. oh, crap, i’m late…


shopping: ugh, why is everything so expensive? put the chocolate back, jen. no treats for you.


selfies: man, my hair looks good today. *click*
selfies, plus cat: *head butts* *drops phone* ugh, what’s the point.


hanging out: omg, this night is amazing! i can’t believe it’s only 3am! can i sleep over and drive home tomorrow afternoon?
hanging out, plus cat: omg, i hope he’s okay. *drives home at 5pm at 80mph*


dress up: i look so pretty in this vintage dress i found! i can’t wait to take a ton of pictures!
dress up, plus cat: (see below)


small-talk: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…f-fair weather we’ve been having, eh?
small-talk, plus cat: …and here he is peeking out of a shopping bag, and here’s a picture of how he likes to cuddle like a human, and–oh!–look at him hiding in a box…


waking up: *snooze* *snooze* *snooze* *shower*
waking up, plus cat: MEW MEOW MROW MEOW MEW MROW *sits on face*


loneliness: dude, this sucks…
loneliness, plus cat:



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