I am Jen, a twenty-something recent graduate of Oberlin College (B.A. with High Honors in Early U.S. History) attempting to navigate the real world one existential crisis at a time.

Looking for friendship?  My interests include stargazing, herpetology, bowling, Irish dance, classical music, cute animals, creative writing, playing with kids, crafting, board games, wine, travel, historical research, spoiled rich boys in classic American literature, gardening, and running outdoors.

Looking to hire?  My qualifications include editing student research for online publication, oral history transcription, historical database creation/management, institutional memory coordinating, using social media outreach for cooperative memory-making projects, archive research, microfilm, museum education, outdoor education, working with kids age 2-18, maintenance of observatory equipment & education of observatory patrons, 4 years customer service, bookkeeping, grant-writing, restaurant/food service experience, and historical interpretation.

DISCLAIMER: The thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are personal, and do not reflect the thoughts and opinions of past, present, and future employers. Thank you for respecting my individuality.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I really enjoy this blog. It speaks to my Irish Christian soul. Also, you write well and the layout is very clean. Well done.

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